Saturday, 18 June 2011

Bollywood Romantic King Gallery Picture

John Abraham is the emerging stars in Bollywood Industry. They started his career as a model. They is still the hottest & costliest model in India. At the peak of his career as a model the actor got his first break in Bollywood through the controversial film, where they played opposite to his current girl mate Bipasha Basu.
Actor John Abraham born in Mumbai to a Parsi brother as well as a Malayalee sister. They did his school & college from Mumbai itself. They was the captain of the footy team in college. After getting his MBA degree the actor worked as a media-planner. After that they started his career in modeling from there they got some achievements like Gladrags Manhunt Contest then to Philippines for Manhunt International & commenced doing some commercial commercials.

John Abraham Before the actor’s first film John Abraham acted in some music videos including Pankaj Udas.After this came “Jism” .“Jism” was a commercially successful, but the films after it was not financially success “Paap” & “Saaya”.John Abraham’s first block buster came in 2004 with “Dhoom” in which he got a role of a villain. His work in “Dhoom” was widely appreciated. Films after that were “Kaal”,”Virudh” &”Garam Masala” which were not good at the box office. In 2005 the best film of his career was released “Water”, the film was a not good at box –office but his work was noticeable.

The film was directed by Deepa Mehta, the film did well in overseas and he got noted internationally. In 2006 three of his films were released “Kabul Express”, “Taxi No-9211” & “Babul” in which only “Babul” did well at the box-office. In 2007 he acted in “Salam-e-Ishq” which failed in the Indian market but did well overseas.

He is now acting in Deepa Mehta’s new film “Luna”. In which he is playing role of environmentalist activist. John Abraham is the brand ambassador of “Yamaha” and “Castrol” in India. John is the biggest fan of racing. He own a Suzuki Hayabuza which he rides in the film “Dhoom”. Many of the indian actresses actress are great fan of her.John Abraham

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