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Veena Malik Picture And Wallpaper

Veena Malik Picture And Wallpaper

 Coming from a conservative Muslim relatives, Veena has faced great adversity from members of her relatives, her father,on her decision to join show business but has emerged as of the leading females in the Pakistani tv & films together with her abilities to imitate others & improvise. Veena has worked as a representative at the World Health Organisation for years & sponsors a kid at the SOS Kid's Village, an NGO based in Pakistan working with orphaned kids.


 When they grew up, Veena expressed interest in joining films & her grandmother encouraged her. Her father however pondered over his daughter's fate in an industry that was deemed unsuitable for girls in Pakistan & looked down on by the mostly conservative middle-class, & they initially resisted his daughter's attempts to pursue a career in entertainment. Veena received continuous support from her grandmother however, whose persuasiveness finally enabled her father to let her join film & tv. People still, some even close to her, scorned her choice of career

 Veena Malik has claimed to be born on 26 February 1980 in Lahore, Pakistan, to a doctor working at an army medical hospital. The relatives soon settled in Rawalpindi after the kid was born. Her grandmother named her Zahida but the parents insisted on keeping Veena as the girl's first name. Her father's busy schedule led her grandmother to become Veena's guardian from the time they was three years elderly & nurtured her until her teenagers when they died.

 Veena Malik, born Zahida Malik, is a Pakistani actress, comic & model.
Like all people desiring to join the industry in Pakistan, Veena started with the film industry in Lahore, the home of Lollywood, an amalgamation of the city's name with Hollywood.

They was to meet the likes of Mukhtar Ahmed & Jarar Rizvi in 1999, who landed her a role in the epic Pakistani film Tere Pyar Mein. By the finish of the year, they was already being thought about for other such projects when they became an element of a growing scandal.

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