Saturday, 9 July 2011

Dhoni And Bollywood Asin Friendship Photo

Asin and Dhoni in Love
Asin and Dhoni in Love They started speaking friendly and after this it turned out to be a romantic affair. There's strong rumors about this in Bollywood. Whenever Dhoni is abroad he calls Asin at regular intervals.

It is also relevant to note that Dhoni had invited Asin for a party on the occasion of his birthday. Dhoni is the captain of Indian cricket team whereas Asin has also become popular in Bollywood after the success of Ghajini.
He is also currently acting in the film London Dreams with Salman Khan. After the release of this film, her star status is likely to go up. So there is a forecast that the romantic affair between the popular people will be further strengthened.Earlier there was news that Dhoni was in love with Lakshmi Rai and both were meeting clandestinely in a star hotels. But both of them denied this affair.
There is a sudden closeness between cricket captain Dhoni and Asin. Both of them acted in an Commercial film recently. They exchanged their mobile phone numbers.
Asin and Dhoni in Love - Dhoni visited Asin's house and was spotted bonding with her at her Mumbai residence over some IPL Matches. Rumours are that the Indian Cricket skipper and the bollywood actress are in a relationsip. The media in the south where Asin is a big star, has already tagged Asin as M.S Dhoni's Girlfriend.
Asin and Dhoni in Love
 M S Dhoni-Asin having an affair? Why did he go over to her house during one of the semi-final matches?
Looks like IPL champions Chennai Super Kings' captain M S Dhoni likes watching matches off-field, particularly when there's a pretty girl to watch with. It is learnt that Dhoni visited actress Asin’s house in Lokhandwala on April 21 to watch the first IPL semi-final between Royal Challengers Bangalore and Mumbai Indians. And the cricketer stayed there till the match ended sparking rumors that they are an Item.

And it seems, as expected, Dhoni was recognised in Asin's building, and just about everyone who spotted him was excited to see him. But after the match ended, he managed to leave quickly and quietly. As reported by a daily, Dhoni managed to leave her house without grabbing much eyeballs.

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