Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Navya Star Plus New Show

Navya Star Plus


A STAR source elaborates, Anant is determined to meet Navya but he wont be able to wish her at the stroke of midnight as he will be along with her relatives. He will wait for her outside her home. Later, Navya will come to meet him outside her house & this way, the love birds will share a romantic moment, as after their declaration of affection, this would be Navyas first birthday with Anant.
Birthday girl Navya aka Soumya Seth is excited about her birthday & exclaims, I am happy that I am celebrating my most special day with my relatives & my best friends but I wish Anant was here .
Speaking about behind the scenes of the birthday sequences, Navya says, We had fun shooting for the birthday sequence. They ordered Vanilla & Mango flavored cake & I was one time thrilled to be looking beautiful in the coursework of the birthday shoot but when the cake cutting scene was shot, my friends  Appy & Ritz put a cake on my face which I didnt expect. Though it was great fun, I had to tidy up & prepare for the shoot again. In sequence, where I am taking a look at my childhood pics, I was one time actually looking to my actual birthday photographs & revisiting elderly memories. It was sheer fun jogging down memory lane. Anant adds, It was great fun shooting, they were outside mostly. The celebrations in the scenes, the firecrackers, the cake all made for a joyful atmosphere while shooting."

Navya is indeed facing a dilemma of choosing between her relatives & love. Like any teenager, he desires to be with the that he loves on her birthday, but also desires to celebrate her giant day along with her relatives who have been along with her always. As Navya tackles this hard choice, they got some fans to help her out.

But Sunil Melwani on feels, Celebrate with Anant. Navya may you have a Happy-Happy Bday. In fact Relatives, Navya & Anant ought to all cut the cake together because her relatives values got her a man like Anant, & Arunima on site states, Happy birthday Navya. I hope you spend your birthday together with your relatives. Anant came to your life some months before. But your relatives protected you till now. So don't be egocentric. Have a happy birthday together with your relatives.
Anisha on says, "Happy birthday navya. I think u ought to spend your birthday with both relatives & Anant. you ought to celebrate your birthday at night together with your relatives i.e. at 12 & ought to celebrate with Anant next morning. Hope your birthday is filled with happiness. Enjoy the day."
Sushila Melwani on adds, May your life be a Cakewalk & Anant be the cherry on your cake. Make the Relatives cut the cake but put the Cream on Anant.Shiryl Prasad also supports a balance between relatives & love. I think that Navya ought to celebrate with both relatives & Anant. Have a happy happy birthday navya!!! Hope you get what you wished for & have a great great day! Best wishes to you!

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