Thursday, 21 July 2011

Veena Maliks Big Boss Pictures

Veena Malik Exposed Mohammad Asif in Bigg Boss 4 – Veena Malik and Asif Scandal Video Leaked
Veena Malik in Big Boss Season 4 5th October taking about ”Mohammad Asif and explains what he did to her. Veena Malik in Bigg Boss Season 4 – exposing Mohammad Asif. Talking in detail about him what he used to do, and he even tried to kill her once. Rocking stuff!

"It was in the month of January that I got a call from Veena Malik. I was in Dhaka at the time. I have never met her but he was trying to be friendly. Before calling me he tried to get in contact with me by calling at the Delhi number which my spouse answered. He made several calls asking for me, so my spouse gave her my Dhaka number. Although I was speaking to her for the first time, he started flirting with me as he is doing now along with her co-contestants on Bigg Boss," Dikshit told MiD DAY.

In a counter-allegation, Delhi-based cricket photographer Dheeraj Dikshit, who had been accused of being involved in spot-fixing by Malik, has claimed that the reality TV contestant is a bookmaker. Dikshit says he's written to the Ministry of Outside Affairs, demanding the cancellation of Malik's visa.
Dikshit accepts he was close to pace bowler Mohammed Asif, Malik's ex-boyfriend, professionally, as he was with other Pakistani and Indian cricketers. But he never spoke to him about fixing. "Veena Malik knew I was lovely friends with Asif and I have a lovely reputation among the who is who of the fraternity.

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